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Free Trial Class Welcome to try!

Free trial in a regular class

You can join a regular class free once to try, so that you can experience the class actually.
When you want to try a personal lesson, you need to pay only a half tuition of the usual lesson's. You can also consult with the teacher.

Self Chiropractic

We are planning a special free trial class for the Self Chiropractic class that will be newly opened recently. Why won't you be the first student?

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One hour lesson including a Lecture and exercise.
Body Fixing, Physical Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, and Exercise Therapy are learned comprehensively to release from pain of your whole body, and make the activities of joints more easily. We are aiming at the complete cure of your bad conditions.

The instructor, Wakako Gotoh, is a chiropractor. She belongs to "National Healthy Life Spreading Association", and also an all-around expert coaching Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and so on.

  •  The date: The 2nd and 4th Thursday
  •  Time   : 16:30-17:30
  •  Charge : Free

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WorkshopsPlease come and join us!

You can complete the work in just one day lesson.





Reisui-gaku Primary Course I  
a 12-lesson course

You learn Reisei, that means starts in Reisuigaku, that is a study of destiny. Let's make use of your life cycle.


List of Culture ClassesPlease feel free to contact us!

To apply for a class or a trial lesson, please go to the page of the class and use the application form.  
Class nameInstructorOutlineDateTimeTuition(Including tax)
NewRechallenge EnglishMie MochidaDon't give up English!Every Thursday11:00-12:158,640JY/4 times a month
NewSelf-ChiropracticWakako GotohGetting to know the distortion of your body, you will be aiming to cure it completely by physical exercises.The 1st and 3rd Thursdays16:30-17:302,400JY/twice a month
NewReisui-gaku Primary Course I (12-lesson course)Reisui IchijoYou learn Reisuigaku, the study of destiny. Let's make use of your life cycle.The 2nd and 4th Saturdays13:30-15:305,400JY/twice a month
Meikyoku VocalYoshino UmezawaYou learn how to sing with your natural voice enjoying world famous songs.The 1 st Wednesday15:00-16:3016,200JY/6 lesson tickets
9,345JY/3 lesson tickets
Kenkoh! Voice TrainingTOMOKOVoice training by Tomoko's original method and singing lessons of popular songs.The 1st and 3rd Mondays11:30-12:45
4,430JY/twice a month
The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays18:00-19:15
Jazz Vocalmi:na
Nozomi Narumi
You learn standard jazz numbers you have been longing for and sing them cool!The 3rd Wednesday19,400JY/6-lesson tickets
RoudokuMichiko FunakiYou learn how to abdominal breathing and read stories in impressive way.The 1st and 3rd Thursdays13:30-15:004,540JY/twice a month
English Conversation as a life workMichiko Inoue&br ; Kahoru KubotaLt's get out of the stage "cannot listen to and cannot speak".Every Wednesday18:30-19:45
8,640JY/4 times a month
English Conversation (Basic and Intermediate)Sakae Yagino
Mie Mochida
In order to enjoy English conversation about more various kinds of topicsEvery Thursday19:30-20:458,640JY/4 times a month
English Conversation (Personal lessons)Ryuzo Kaku and other instructorsTo achieve your purpose we will offer your own menuWe will arrange dates and time according to your purpose.
Chinese ConversationSoh IkugiOrdinary and office conversation. The lessons are given almost in Chinese.Every Sunday10:00-12:1010,800JY/5-lesson tickets
Preserved Flower ArrangementChieko SekiguchiYou can choose your favorite colored flowers and leaves、and enjoy arrangement.The 3rd Tuesday13:30-15:308,100JY/3-time tickets
Self Jelly NailKaori InoueYou learn how to put on Jelly nail art on your own nails.The 2nd Sunday10:00-12:303,500JY a month
Tole PaintMariko TakahashiYou learn ellegant European flower tole paint.The 1st and 3rd Wednesdays10:00-12:005,510JY a month
Patchwork QuiltYoshiko TsujiYou can learn artistic patchwork quilt systematically.2nd and 4th Mondays19:00-21:005,510JY twice a month
Yoko SakashitaThe 2nd and 4th Tuesdays13:30-15:30
Sunday ShodoShinsen KasaiYou can learn from the first step to the level for exhibitions. Wanted vacancies onlyThe 1st and 3rd Sundays13:00-15:305,400JY twice a month

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